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The Teachers Union Benefit Club includes 140,000 households, and more than 150,000 people in Israel hold its club card.
Despite this widespread membership, teachers were not very clear about the actual purpose of the club, because it wasn't initially intended to provide benefits, and was never viewed as especially prestigious or worthwhile.
This is why the club decided to develop a strategy that would increase benefits for the Teachers Union, alter the public’s perception of the club card, and combine different brands under one unified concept that would provide teachers with a comprehensive 360° solution.
The new membership club, built from scratch, was designed especially for teachers' unique needs, with the goal of playing an important role in their lives. A teacher with a better work-life balance simply has more to offer and is a better teacher. The Union Benefit Club became a crucial element in creating this ideal balance.
Ashmoret 360 is a leading consumer club that aims to provide teachers with many fulfilling opportunities in areas including culture, shopping, family, cars, vacations, healthy living, real estate, sport, and more.
The branding process delved deep into the very heart of the membership club, and together with the club managers we created a world filled with new, rich, and comprehensive content that highlights this new idea of a balanced lifestyle.
Join us for a rewarding journey of new experiences!