Pirate. It’s not a job

: Tomer Meluban 05  April 2015

Pirate isn’t a job.
But his heart, how it surges
with pure adrenaline,
when they capture a ship,
and when his hands are full of gold
he’s on top of the world.
And storyteller?
Also not a job.
But I'm so envious when all eyes are on him.
How they shine
when he lowers his voice and tells of the princess falling ill,
even the city elders are rapt.
And orchestra conductor?
No, don’t be fooled: it’s not a job.
So they study for years, so what.
If the baton doesn’t ignite the sparks of inspiration,
fates will be decided, the music will fall silent. And so will the hearts of the audience.
Heart surgeon?
Repairer of the human core!
Just imagine how his heart feels as he touches another person’s very existence.
It’s not a job.
And brander?
Is that a job?
No! J
As time goes by, I find that some of the “No” is “No!”
But there’s also “Yes”.
Yes it’s a specialization.
Obviously it can’t be done without studying (but studying what?).
Of course it also requires professionalism and experience.
But in the broader sense of the word, it isn’t a job!
And why a pirate or a conductor?
Because, like them, we’re driven by an inner impulse
that’s revealed when the heart rate soars,
when the tones of inspiration sound,
when the connection is made
when the hands continue to express this insight in concrete form,
to choose, to understand, to refine, and then to give a name and form, to create a voice,
to brand.
To believe
that you can understand the meaning of what lies in front of you,
that it has absolute faith in your ability to make it
closer to its own true essence.
More real.
It’s not a job J
I wish I was a pirate.